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Meet Va.Da

We are a boutique architectural firm, aiming to give each project its deserved attention, throughout the entire design and production phases.

Projects vary from large scale residential projects to unique private residence, and from public buildings to offices.

All of them receive nurturing at the highest level.

The firm consists of 8 architects and practical engineers, all share common passion fo architecture, and is based on Tel Aviv. 

Iftach Vax & Itay Davidov first met at Ilan Pivko Architects, more than 15 years ago.

Soon enough they both advanced there to bigger roles.

With education from Bezalel Academy and the Technion, and throught experience at former firms, each of them brought different prespectives.

Iftach started Iftach Vax Architects at 2016, while Itay continued his journey with Pivko and became the head of studio.

They have decided to reunite and seek new architectural heights.

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