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Haifa | Nice to Be Here

We are happy to discover Haifa, and start 2 new projects there.

This one is in Bat Galim neighborhood, and consists of an hotel and a residential part.


Hamishna | Tel Aviv

We can still remember it was a real surprise for us reading that Bavli is inside ROVA4 zone.... and since we really love this neighborhood it was a nice surprise.

This project is one of few projects we have in this neigborhood,

and its building permit was submitted, and waiting for approval.

cam02_1.effectsResult copy.jpg

Matmon Cohen | Tel Aviv

In this project we have tried to make a lemonade out of this un-orthogonal lemon lot.... and use it as an idea for this building facade.

Maoz_Dusk _F.jpg

Haatzmaut | Bat-Yam

The Dan-Kal red line and the beautiful Haatmaut Boulevard are a perfect backdrop to this residential tower.


Construction is Finished | Wolfson Tel Aviv

Congrats! The Construction has been completed, and there already new and happy tennants.


Hagilad | Holon

This urban renewal project, in the center of yavne, is on track to final validation of the TABA.


Construction has started | Nordau Tel Aviv

Mazal Tov! The construction is on its way.



Did we mention we also love this part of the job?



Designing WeWork offices resembles a math problem, where the efficient, aesthetic and operational all combine to one solution.


Jerusalem Blvd | Tel Aviv

The majestic Jerusalem Blvd, with its future red metro line, is a great setting for this commercial and residential project.

Sderot Yerushalayim-2

Rembrandt | Tel Aviv

Another ROVA4 project in one of the finest streets...


Rokach Award | Horev School, Tel Aviv

This school for children with special needs, has won the prestigious Rokach award for architects, in collaboration with Moran Palmoni Architects.


Construction on Progress | Hashoftim, Ramat Hasharon

The construction phase is always a thrill, and especially in this boutique residential project, with elaborate exposed concrete work.


Anilevitz | Holon

Sometimes we think there are cities envy of Holon, because of its new super-plan of urban renewal, known as H619. This project is one of few projects we have using this plan, and 

cam 5_AN_003.jpg

Abramovitz Residence | Tel Aviv

This unique project, in collaboration with Moran Palmoni Architects, has started with an architectural competition.

After winning this competition, we started a long phase of meticulous planning, led to permit and construction documents, and eventually to the construction itself.


Aplaton | Tel Aviv

This urban renewal project in Jaffa is progressing, and the plan was already deposited.


Yerushalmi | Tel Aviv

This project at the Bavli neighborhood is on its way to submission.

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